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How do I search for a voucher?


To search for a voucher: 

  1. In the 'Account information' section, select 'Voucher request'.

  2. If applicable you'll see a list of available vouchers. If the one you want to view is available here select the Ref number to view the voucher. 

  3. If the voucher you want isn't listed, select 'Request voucher'.

  4. Select the relevant Account ID. (Or to use 'Search' for an account, enter the account details, hit 'Search', then select the Account ID.)

  5. Enter the voucher type, date range, serial / reference / cheque number and amount. Then hit 'Search'.

  6. Check the boxes alongside the voucher image(s) you want to view, then 'Request selected voucher(s)'.

  7. The requested vouchers will be available to view straight away. 

Please note: Voucher images you've read are deleted after 30 days, unread voucher images are deleted after 60 days.

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