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What if someone calls me claiming to be the bank and asks for my Bankline login details?


Don't disclose your Bankline PIN, password or any Smartcard security codes.

The bank will never ask for these over the telephone.

You should:

1) End the telephone call immediately.

 2) Contact the Bankline Security helpline for assistance.

For contact details and opening times see How can I contact the Bankline Security helpline?

WARNING – Don't dial the Security Helpline using the same telephone that received the suspicious call.  The caller may try to keep the line open by not hanging up their phone after you 've put your own receiver down (“it takes two to disconnect”).

If you use the same telephone, there's a risk that you may be reconnected to the suspicious caller, rather than the Security Helpline.

You can learn more about phishing and other scams on the Bankline Security Centre. 

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