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Secondary Reference Confirmation of Payee check


As part of our commitment to ensuring the security of customer’s payments, and in line with Pay.UK requirements, Confirmation of Payee checks in Bankline include the 'Their reference' field for payments to accounts at building societies that use a Roll Number.

When you enter the account number and sort code for a payee for either a single payment or a new payment template, we will check if a roll number is needed and flag the 'Beneficiary Reference” field as mandatory when required. We’ll then include the reference you enter in the check against the payee bank’s records and give you a CoP result.

If the reference you enter is not a roll number, or does not match the record at the payee bank, you will receive an Invalid Reference response and we recommend that you contact the payee to confirm the correct details.

For all other payments this will remain an optional field and can be used as normal to help the payee identify who a payment is from.

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