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How do I edit a template?


To edit an existing template:

  1. Select 'Payments' from the left hand menu and then 'Manage Templates'
  2. From the list of templates select the one you need to edit by clicking on the template reference
  3. You will then be able to see the details of the template, select the 'Edit Template' option from the bottom of the page
  4. If you need to amend the beneficiary name, sort code or account number for a domestic template (standard or CHAPS), you'll need to click 'Edit beneficiary details'. You'll then be able to make the appropriate changes and run a beneficiary name check. This will give you a result on the payee name as to how close it matches. You can find out more about this name checking process here. Once you've completed the name check and are happy to proceed, select 'Use this beneficiary’
  5. You can then make any further changes and save the template. If you're editing an international or IAT template, you'll be able to edit all information on the same screen

If you have smartcard approval enabled for changes to templates, your changes will need to be approved before the template is changed. Likewise, if you have dual control enabled for changes to templates, then it will need to be checked by another user before it can be used.

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