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What extra information do I need to include in payments to the Bahrain?


There’s been a change to the way banks in Bahrain receive payments.

From now on, if you’re sending payments to the Bahrain in any currency, you’ll need to provide two extra pieces of information:

1) a residency indicator for the beneficiary.
2) a purpose of payment code.

This data will be used by the banks in Bahrain for regulatory reporting. From immediate effect, payments that don’t include this additional information could be returned by Bahrain banks.


How to include this extra information

You’ll need to add the extra info into the ‘Information for the beneficiary’ field in Bankline, when making a payment to Bahrain.

The format for the addition looks like this:

/BENEFRES/Country Code//Purpose Code

BENEFRES’ – always include this bit first.

Country Code’ - if the beneficiary has a Bahrain resident account, include the country code “BH” here.

Alternatively, if the beneficiary is a resident in another country, please include the 2 digit country code for that country. For example, ‘GB’ if the beneficiary is a UK resident.

(A list of Country Codes can be found here

Purpose Code’ – This is a code describing the reason for the payment. You can find the full list of codes (from the Central Bank of Bahrain) to choose from here.


Here’s a full example:

If you’re making a salary payment and the beneficiary is a resident of Bahrain, the information you’d put into the ‘Information for the beneficiary’ field would be:



You'll also need a 22 digit IBAN for the payee in Bahrain, its formatted as per the below:

  1. Country Code: BH
  2. 2 Check Digits
  3. 4 Character Bank Code
  4. Account Number: 14 Character Numeric
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