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What should I do if the cheque image I’ve captured isn’t accepted in Bankline Mobile?


Make sure that all fields on the cheque have been filled in correctly and clearly. If they haven’t, you may need to ask for a new cheque or use an alternative method of payment.

There are a small number of pre-printed cheques that need to be processed over the counter at a branch or Post Office. Reasons include:

  • Non-standard size (the Industry standard parameters are Maximum 8.27 inches (210mm) x 4 inches (102mm)/Minimum 61/8 inches (156mm) x 27/8 inches (73mm))
  • Cheque doesn’t contain a signature
  • Cheque has boxes in unexpected places
  • Cheque contains asterisks

If none of the above applies to your cheque, then it may be an issue with the image you’ve captured. Try taking the photo again ensuring that:

  • You place the cheque against a contrasting background
  • There’s good lighting
  • You have a strong internet connection
  • The cheque is not torn or edges folded
  • The cheque details are not covered

If the problem persists and you’re sure the cheque is filled in correctly, please visit a branch or Post Office.

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