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What is messaging?


Messaging is our new and improved webchat service, which we’re introducing across Bankline

You’ll see the existing ‘Chat now’ button replaced with ‘Message us’

Natwest old bankline messaging

Once you click ‘Message us’, you’ll still be connected to our digital assistant Cora who’ll answer your query and pass you onto a specialist adviser, when needed.

Messaging gives you the freedom to read and send messages whenever suits you best.

How does messaging work?

When you click the ‘Message us’ button within Bankline:

  • You’ll be connected to Cora. If it’s something Cora can’t solve, we’ll connect you with a specialist adviser to continue the conversation
  • You can read and reply to the conversation throughout the day, provided you leave your web browser open. For example, if you need to go to a meeting part way through a conversation, you can come back later to pick up right where you left off
  • Once you send your message to an advisor, we’ll give you the short timeframe for when they’ll get back to you

As messaging is a new service, we’d love to hear your feedback.

You can leave feedback directly on this article or you can complete the survey at the end of your messaging conversation.

What should I do if I can't see the 'Message us' button?

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