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How do I reset my log-in PIN or password?


If you’ve locked your account but you still know your PIN and password, your administrator can reinstate your access.

If you've forgotten your Bankline password or PIN, you'll need request a reset. This will reset both your PIN and your password at the same time.

Steps to reset your PIN and password:

  1. On the log in page, where you enter your PIN and password, click the ‘request an activation code’ link.*
  2. Enter the email address that's registered for you on Bankline**
  3. Wait 30 minutes to receive your activation code, remember to check your spam folder in case its landed in there.
  4. Log in again using your Customer ID, User ID and activation code to create a new PIN and password.

*If you can't see the link, or you can't click on it, contact your Bankline administrator. They can send you an activation code. They also have the option to turn on the automated PIN/password reset, so you can reset it yourself in future.

** If your email address isn't recognised, you'll need your administrator to check and update this.

Tips for once you have your activation code

  • Passwords must be 6-20 characters with at least one number and one letter, but no special characters. They aren't case sensitive
  • PINs must be four digits. You can't use ascending or descending number sequences or have the same number more than twice in a row
  • Your activation code is made up of 10 digits. You'll enter the first five digits in one box and the second in another

If you're unsure who your Bankline administrator is, see How do I identify my Bankline administrator?

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