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I'm trying to request an activation code, but it won't accept my email address. What should I do?


If you're trying to request an activation code and the page won't accept your email address, this is because the email address you're providing doesn't match the one we have stored in Bankline. 

Firstly, please check that you've entered your email address correctly and try again. If it still isn't recognising your email address, you'll need to contact your Bankline administrator to check and update your email address in Bankline. How do I find my Bankline administrator?

They'll be able to update your email address to match the one you provide, and you'll then be able to request an activation code.

If you need to update your email address and you're the only administrator on your profile, you'll need to speak to our webchat team. Click 'Message us' and type 'speak to adviser'.

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