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Smartcard / Smartcard reader

Smartcards and smartcard readers are used to confirm the identity of Bankline users. Some actions cannot be completed without smartcard authorisation. For example, dual administration changes, some sterling Inter Account Transfers and all outward payments.

A smartcard looks like a credit card, and the reader is similar to a small calculator.

Authorisation using a smartcard:

  1. Bankline will ask for smartcard verification and offer a challenge code
  2. Insert the smartcard into the reader
  3. Turn on the reader and press 'SIGN'
  4. Enter the challenge number from Bankline into the reader and press 'OK'
  5. Enter Personal Identification Number (PIN) into the reader and press 'OK'
  6. The smartcard reader generates a seven-digit response code
  7. Enter the response code (without any spaces) into Bankline and select 'GO'

Each smartcard is assigned to an individual user, who uses it with any card reader and with their own PIN.

Administrators set the level at which smartcard authorisation for Inter Account Transfers is needed. This limit is the 'smartcard trigger value'.

If you need to order a new Smartcard, your Bankline administrator can do this for you.

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