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How do I authorise actions using my Smartcard and card reader?


When Smartcard authorisation is required, you can use either the original or the new QR Smartcard reader with a challenge code. Simply follow the relevant steps below.

For original Smartcard reader:

  1. Put your Smartcard in to the card reader with the chip first and facing you, then turn the reader on 
  2. Press sign when prompted 
  3. Enter the challenge code from Bankline in to the card reader 
  4. Enter your PIN in to the card reader 
  5. The card reader will then generate a response code 
  6. You’ll then need to enter this code in to Bankline to approve

For new QR Smartcard reader:

  1. Insert your card into the reader (with the chip down and facing you) to switch it on 
  2. It will default to the camera view, ignore that and press the ‘Menu’ button followed by the number 1 
  3. You should see a ‘challenge code’ on Bankline, enter this into your reader and press the green ‘OK’ button 
  4. Enter your Smartcard PIN and press ‘OK’ 
  5. This will return a code on your reader. Enter this into the box on your Bankline screen (without spaces) 


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