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How do I create a new 'customer role'?


Bankline offers 'Master roles', which you can edit and then save as a new 'Customer role'. Or you can start with a blank canvas and create a new 'Customer role'.

  1. Go to 'Administration' and select 'Manage roles'.
  2. Enter a role name and a short description to help you identify the role when assigning it to a user.

  3. Select the privileges you need by ticking the box next to each one. Use the drop-down menu to display other privilege types. They're split into 'Administration', 'Account Information', 'Audit', and 'Payments'.

  4. Before you move to another category of privileges, hit 'Save and go'. When you've finished choosing them, select 'Continue'.

  5. You'll now need to assign accounts to the role, then hit 'Continue' and 'Confirm new role'.

 For help managing roles and users, take a look at this video:

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