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How does dual control of bulk lists and templates work?


With dual control on, when a user has finished editing a bulk list or template and saves it, instead of the bulk list or template immediately becoming ‘Active' (assuming it validates OK), it becomes ‘Unchecked'. To make an ‘Unchecked' bulk list or template ‘Active', another user must select it and click the Check (or Check changes) button to make it ‘Active'.

If the second user does not want to approve the bulk list or template and make it ‘Active', they can press the Reject (or Reject changes) button. It then returns to its previous state and any changes the first user made are lost.

The Check and Reject buttons appear for a new template or bulk list (the Reject button causes the bulk list or template to become ‘Incomplete'). The Check changes and Reject changes buttons appear for a modified bulk list or template (the Reject changes button returns the bulk list or template to how it was before the first user started amending it).

The second user cannot make any further changes when doing the checking, but can only approve (Check) them or reject them.


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