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Why has a crediting cheque been returned unpaid from my account?


An unpaid cheque credit (or a bounced cheque) refers to a paid-in cheque which has started the clearing cycle but was unable to be cleared.

Items shown on day 1 will be displayed as: Type "CUI" and 1 line of narrative displayed, UNPD CHQ followed by reference number.

Items shown on day 2 will be displayed as: UNPD CHQ with a reference number and usually a name of the remitter (who paid you the cheque), .

Cheques can bounce for various reasons. For example:
•Not enough funds on the drawing account
•A block/marker on the drawing account preventing transactions
•The cheque is returned by request on the day of presenting
•The cheque is returned for fraud or security reasons
•The cheque is returned for technical reasons
•A stop has been placed on the cheque

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